Monday, February 23, 2009

Warning: Gruesome

I had an unusual dream last night.  It was about vampires and, I think somehow, the economy.

I'm not one of those people who have a thing for vampires.  I haven't read the "Twilight" series.  I can't stand Anne Rice's writing or horror movies in general.  

Sometimes some people are able to write good stories with vampires in them.  Dracula, by Bram Stoker is a wonderful story beautifully written.  "Buffy  The Vampire Slayer" was a great T.V. show.  It had engaging characters, surprising plot-lines and was presented with humor and humanity.  In all of these examples vampirism is eroticized (which is probably why some people like vampire stories)

My dream was nothing like any of them.  In my dream groups of vampires would take huge bites off of people, removing half their body-mass in three quick chomps.  What was left, partial torsos on legs, stood bleeding on the sidewalk.  The vampires would drink their victims' blood from pools in the street. 

When they weren't devouring people the vampires were rather personable, even endearing.  They just seemed like normal, genial people until all of a sudden - bang - half your head was gone.

No eroticism, no remorse.  It's just the way things happen.  People do that too.  Look at farm animals.

Like I said though, I think this dream was about our economic situation.  For example, I'm sure that most of the people who speculated with money, from the house-flippers to the mortgage traders, CDS traders and ponzi-schemers, are loveable people.  I'm sure most of them never thought about what they were really doing.  They probably ignored the fact that down the line somebody (not them or anyone they cared about) would get screwed.  

We all do things like that sometimes.  We all ignore how our simplest actions (or inactions) can really do damage to others.  Damage is a law of nature.  I absolutely believe that nothing can live without somehow  damaging something else.  

People can't think about things like that all the time.  We'd be immobilized.  We do have to think of it a little bit to mitigate the harm we do.

Anyway,  it wasn't the kind of dream that would make my Netflix queue.  I hate gore.


Hopers said...

If you haven't read Twilight, I suggest you don't! I read them.... sortof enjoyed them.... and then felt really, really dirty when I was finished. They're like the deep-fat fried twinkies of books, but not nearly as delicious.

Melissa said...

I know that I'd be completely sucked in by the Twilight series. I know I'd feel exactly like you did. How do I know? I read "The Bridges Of Madison County." It's really just a matter of time.

Hopers said...

I have the books (well, the first three) if you want to borrow them. They really are ridiculous. And they somehow managed to totally suck me in.