Monday, February 9, 2009

In Vermont Today

It was sunny in Vermont today.  At least it was in my lower-right-hand corner of Vermont.  The only human I saw today was the FedEx man who came to pick up a defective piece of gear that Pete's reviewing for Tape Op magazine (only he'll need a working example if he's going to be able to review the thing.  Ahh, Tape Op - I love those folks.  Very good people.  The defective gear has nothing to do with them)

I spent the morning in my studio and the afternoon at the house working on various projects.  I get more done in the studio.  When I'm in the house Fay pesters me almost constantly for food.  Oink!  She's so cute I can't complain much but it is an interruption.  Also I keep checking twitter and e-mail.  Bad news!  Some people have a serious case of tweetterrhea.  I am not referring to you, Marilyn.

As usual I have too many ideas for things to make.  Today went well though because I'd just work on something until I got to a stopping point and then move on to something else.  In theory this means progress on a number of projects which means that I might be able to finish a few of them someday.  I have high hopes.

Today I also finished that damned 25 Random Things list that's going around.  Facebook, you are a diabolical time suck!  Number 23 was a list of things I want to learn and the observation that when you're a kid a list that long is possible to tackle.  On further consideration kids take years to learn the things they learn.  In school you take French for an hour then computer for an hour then you have gym then you have lunch then maybe you have your violin lesson, etc.  You do this every week over four to six years.  Why can't I do that?  Oh yeah, adult responsibilities.  I think I can still do that only it might take longer.   

Also I have proven to be kind of bad at honoring the schedules I set for myself.  I keep trying though.  Just like I keep showing up for Maya, my XBox personal trainer.  It took four years but I can do five man push-ups.  That counts for something.  Forty-three years old and can do man push ups for the first time ever.

So now I'm going to go take a quick peek at the moon because Michaela told me to and then I'm getting back to work.  And it will be fun!

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