Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm doing it again.  My inner doom buggy is running away with me (Of course I know that's the name of a Boston metal band)

I'm getting help from the news.  All those stories of people who are homeless or who are trying to sell everything they own including personal stuff that nobody wants because they have nothing left.  Bad economic news is piling up relentlessly every day.  In addition, global warming is going faster than previously predicted.  

Pretty much every path my mind goes down these days leads to some aspect of armageddon.  

This morning at around three (Fay woke me up) I thought I heard a spring peeper.  It's way below freezing here in VT so if that were so (is it even possible?) it would be very bad.  I started imagining the day that there are no more frogs.  

I don't know... Somehow I got whammied.  Gotta keep moving though.

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