Friday, October 31, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts

Maybe I should save some of these for NaBloPoMo which starts tomorrow. I know I said I'd call it I-NaBloPoMo but now I've decided to call it IBloPoMo because that's shorter.

I slept twelve hours last night. I could have kept on sleeping but Fay wanted her breakfast.

Pete, Fay and I had been visiting my parents in San Diego (La Jolla to be precise) and we flew back yesterday on a red-eye. Pete and I tried really hard to stay up till 8:30 but we didn't make it. I ran a bath at 7:30 to occupy my time (maybe I was asking for it) and fell asleep in the tub for ten minutes. I only woke up because I had to cough. So I went to bed at 8 instead of 8:30. Now I kind of wish I'd gone to bed at 7:30 like I really wanted to. I was just afraid I'd wake up at 4 AM.

So now we're back and I have to pay the bills and go to the dry cleaner and clean the house and it's so much easier and more fun to web surf. Thinking about fashionable clothes that I don't already own is so much more fun than doing the "dumb things I gotta do" (That quote is from "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head" by They Might Be Giants)

Since I took Fay to California I left my laptop at home. I have a 17" Mac Power Book and I don't recommend them. It's a perfectly fine computer - it does everything I want it to do. But it weighs a freaking ton and it's bigger than most bags. Inconvenient. I bought it used from my brother and I thought "I do a lot of artwork on my computer. I need as big a screen as I can get." No I don't. I move around a lot more than I make big, fancy computer artwork. Dumbass.

That's my new favorite word: dumbass.

So anyway, traveling without one's laptop is also inconvenient. I recently had a PayPal security breach so I went around changing my passwords here and there in a systemless fashion. As a result I couldn't check Twitter or update this blog since I couldn't remember my new passwords. Not that I had tons of time to do either thing. I also got really behind on my e-mail.

Hope asked how much the socks were from Gorsuch.
They still sell them and the current price is $32.00.

And now this dumbass is going to get on the stick and go do some dumb stuff. Blech. I will have plenty more to say tomorrow and for the rest of IBloPoMo.

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