Friday, October 24, 2008

If You Don't Laugh You MIght Cry

I've been following the Planet Money blog and podcasts so I can understand what's going on with the money world these days. These folks explain everything so clearly that I actually do understand and can explain to others things like what a Credit Default Swap is and why they are dangerous.

Today they have this ad for Washington Mutual posted on their blog as a novelty. Maybe it's the O'Hara's stout I just drank at Matt Murphy's but I thought it was really funny.

Whatever else Washington Mutual did wrong they sure hired the right advertising agency.

Planet Money Twitters too.

If you're scared and confused and feel blindsided by all of this then you should definitely check them out. Once you understand what's happening as well as anybody can at least it's less confusing. It's still a bit on the scary and unpredictable side. It's also really interesting.


Hopers said...

Kristian and I both laughed. Then we cried. But then we laughed again.

michaela said...

Oh my GOD.