Friday, October 24, 2008

Rich Yeti

Once, back in the early 90's, my mom gave me three pairs of cotton socks which she ordered from the Gorsuch catalog. I still receive the catalog in the mail once or twice a year before Christmas. I always enjoy it because they have some really freaky bizarre stuff in there. I guess you'd call it a high-end ski resort catalog with Alpine undertones. It depicts a lifestyle that I can't relate to at all. But hey, I don't know everything. I just have no interest in wearing my money.

Here are some of my favorite items. By favorite I mean the ones I understand the least.

If you're wearing this out to dinner better not order the soup.

This is a cashmere poncho with paillettes (a.k.a. sequins) and detatchable fox/ostrich collar. It goes for $2,498.00

There's probably some cultural reason for this that I don't understand because I'm not Austrian. It's hard to see in this photo but the stags and piping are pink. The coat alone is $2,250.00

Another rich yeti look:

Coyote jacket with fox collar for $11,500.00

Here's the breakdown on the image at the top of this entry. The coat, by the way, goes for $5,499.00. Ostensibly one is supposed to wear it while skiing.

Mostly I'm amazed that there are people who want to walk around looking like that. Then it occurs to me that they pay outrageous sums of money to go around looking like that.

To be fair there are some very nice looking things in this catalog that I would definitely wear if they weren't so crazy expensive. Everything looks to be very high quality and well made. I still wear the socks my mom gave me and it's been over ten years.

Well to each his/her own I guess.

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Hopers said...

Is it too much to ask how much those socks cost? Because I'm guessing one hojillion dollars. :p