Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Stuff

The weather in Brookline has been vile. Humid and disgusting. I was going to say "putrid" but then I remembered the hellish heat wave we had maybe six years ago when it was something like 102 degrees and 95% humidity and there were power failures. We had houseguests at the time and all four of us spent the days and nights in the one bedroom where the window air-conditioner is. Now that was putrid.

I was thinking yesterday about how summer was where I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, literally steps from the Washington D.C. border. Talk about disgusting weather! Much worse than anywhere in New England. We had central A.C. though so that kept my complaints down.

I will give yesterday afternoon some slack. Pete's band, the Weisstronauts, played an outdoor party at Harvard Law School. The party was held in the shade of a Gropius building and there was a pleasant breeze. It was a rare summer afternoon that I actually enjoyed. Their music goes well with a relaxed outdoor party. This summer has been so deeply sucky that it was a lovely change to actually sit back and enjoy for a bit.

Now for Fay. Sometimes she feels fine, sometimes not so much. She still has a bit of bloody diarrhea but she's eating her cat food with gusto and she's off all her meds except for a little bit of prednisone, another week of antibiotics and her monthly injections. The vet thinks that will resolve the issue though it might take a couple more weeks.

I'm liking the reduced medication schedule. Now I don't have to worry about getting home by 9 or 10 every night (unless it's to make sure she hasn't been sitting in a pile for hours)

In my last post I mentioned having new ideas. Well mainly I have an idea for a video game. It's a really big idea so it could end up being several ideas for several video games. It's a big enough idea that I'm going to need help with it. Fortunately I have a development team in mind.

When the thought first came to me it was a brain storm. It really was a torrent of ideas complete with battering winds. Gusts of thoughts from every direction. It was so strong and sudden that I thought it might be a delusion and that maybe I was having my first manic episode or something.

I wrote an e-mail about it to some people I thought might be interested in helping. I could only hope it made sense. I keep re-reading it to make sure that it still doesn't sound insane. I'm very relieved to say I still think it could work. It will need a lot of work though. Lots of figuring out, editing and planning. It could be really really fun to work on though.

It has been such a gift to have something exciting to think about during all the crap that's been going down lately.

One fun thing about it is that now I have an excuse to try video games. Well, video games besides Yourself!fitness, Big Brain Academy, Harry Potter and My Spanish Coach.

This week I started playing "Izuna 2" on my Nintendo DS light. In "Izuna 2" you get to be a cute, badass Ninja chick and fight with monsters and stuff. It's so much more fun than I expected. Plus it counts as research! However I've played it so much that I cut myself off yesterday. No Izuna 2 all day. I may have to apply that rule to today too.

In fact, I have a lot to do today so I'd better stop blogging and get going.

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