Monday, August 4, 2008

A Concession to Summer for Today

Okay, today was gorgeous. A beautiful, perfect day weather wise.

I discovered this because I had to go to the grocery store: we were out of paper towels. That doesn't fly when you live with a urine fountain.

So off I went to the Walpole Shaw's. I tend to dread going there because they don't have much that's good and the people in there can be a bit depressing. That said, there aren't usually many people there and there's never any trouble parking unlike in Brookline.

The marketing started off as usual. The first things you see when you go in the door are extremely unappetizing so-called "baked goods" in unnatural colors. Then you go past the shrink-wrapped lettuce into the fruit section which is okay. Since it's summer I'm going to the farm stand on route 5 so I didn't need any produce. I picked up some tofu, some pasta, some coffee and headed for the refrigerator area. There was a bit of a log jam due to restocking and a couple of men chatting. I stood aside with my cart to let one of them go by and he said "You just come on through you gorgeous creature!"

Someone made room for me and called me a gorgeous creature in the Walpole Shaw's! What is the word coming to? I was so shocked I'm not even sure I said thank you.

Eventually I got to the ice cream section. I was looking for a flavor of Haagen Dazs that my mom told me about yesterday but I couldn't remember what it was. So I was standing there staring in through the glass doors when one of the freezer section guys said "Get the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle!"

Do people talk to you in your market? This is not normal for me. I didn't want to insult him so I took a pint. He said "White chocolate ice cream and the truffles are really the texture of truffles." I told him I was looking a flavor but I couldn't remember which one. He started running down all the flavors. After about five flavors he got it: Fleur De Sel Caramel. Then he helped me find it in the case.

When I got back home I noticed that it was a nice day while I took the groceries out of the car. Once I got them stowed and made sure that Fay wasn't sitting in a pile I set us up outside. I got a yoga mat for Fay to sit on on the patio and I got myself a snifter of whiskey and volume 3 of xxxHolic to read. No, it's not porno - look at the link. We had a lovely time. I read and smelled the flowers and listened to the birds and Fay got comfy and barked at passing cars. Sometimes I barked at them with her. She seems to like that.

Not a bad day even when you consider that I've had to hose Fay down five times today and wash her with soap twice. I think it's safe to hope that today's poopalanche is over and we can both relax for the rest of the evening.

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Hope said...

Sounds like a lovely day! And now I want ice cream. :p