Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Puzzler and Fay's Feeling Better

So, John Edwards had an affair. Everybody's having affairs. Maybe they shouldn't be such a big deal if most people can't seem to not do it. Know what I mean?

Uh, how about "If affairs are inevitable for most people then why do we give them so much weight and power in our society?"

Maybe it's the lying? The whole "unfaithful" thing? What if you don't lie about it? People should be able to sleep around if their partner doesn't object (Obviously I'm not a practicing Catholic even though I mentioned confession in my last post)

Who doesn't want to be appreciated by as many people as possible? I can understand that. I can definitely understand many of the appeals of having an affair. But I don't want to hurt Pete and he doesn't want to hurt me. So we're not going to have any. Mainly we're scared to ruin what we have. Also, at least for me, the opportunity has never presented itself.

Maybe everything would be easier if affairs didn't seem like such a big deal. They're no biggie in parts of Europe and in certain New York social circles. No doubt in L.A. and plenty of other cultures and places too. An affair doesn't have to mean the end of a primary relationship. It would probably necessarily complicate the lives of everyone involved but that doesn't have to be bad.

None the less, I'm saving myself the trouble and avoiding that circumstance in my own life. I can't possibly know what I'm talking about since I have no experience with them. I haven't even discussed the effects with people I know who have had affairs touch their lives. Of course I'm curious since I'm on The Quest For All Knowledge. Since I'm way too chicken to find out for myself I probably don't deserve any more information. Besides, that's pretty personal stuff to discuss with the likes of me, the emotional tourist.

Now for a complete change of topic: Fay's health.

I don't want to jinx myself but Fay's been doing really well for the last few days. I was so happy about her latest non-diarrhea that I considered photographing and posting it so I could share Fay's good work with others. I'm not going to do that. Who cares besides me? I will settle with my own sense of pleasure, pride and satisfaction.

Not only is her digestion improved but she's been acting more like her old self than she has in months. She's even been standing up a few times a day. She can't maintain it or walk on her back legs but she is achieving more vertical hight than she has in quite some time. Her neurologist was very pleased. She said that it's not typical to see such improvement when you take a patient off the meds but who would complain? I hope the improvement lasts.

If Fay keeps feeling this well I might actually be able to leave her with a sitter and visit my dad again or go see my friend Alex and her twin two-year-olds like I was supposed to earlier this summer.

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