Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All That And A Little Champagne

I'll admit it: I'm down in the dumps today. To my mind (and sense of superstition) that's not a good way to kick off a new year.

I tend to dress with symbolism. Here are the symbols I've chosen to help me out today:
The new "bralette" I found myself yesterday. It's day-glo green, not that you can tell from the photo.
My Charlie button, to honor my friend who I love, and my whammo earrings to give me strength and remind me of my goddess of a sister-in-law who gave them to me. It's nice to know someone like that has your back.

I've also got a selection of deep pink lipsticks and these:
(Photo taken on a moving train) for extra oomph.

All that and a little champagne and I'll probably make it through.

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