Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nothing Special Please

Things that are making me very happy right now: 
1) This week has nothing fancy and nothing special going on in it. I am SO excited about that. No parties, no events, no eating out.
2) It's going to rain tomorrow. Why does the prospect of rain make me happy? I don't know. Maybe because it won't be nine degrees out? It's likely to become a horrible mess what with all the snow that's already piled up out there (especially since it looks like it is going to be nine degrees the day after tomorrow.)  I'm not going to over-think it. If something wants to make me feel happy, I'm letting it.

Okay, I just remembered that the closing party for our show at the gallery was postponed (due to a snow storm) from two nights ago to this Friday. Something at least special - if not fancy - will be occurring this week. Sigh. I won't let it get me down. I just want my life back. I have things to figure out and by gum, I'm gonna do that! I have four ordinary days in a row to work with...

I am also rather pleased with my Grumpy Cat weather app.

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