Friday, November 8, 2013

The Lady Walking Behind Me Is Singing Really Loud

Yesterday I spent quality time in four different social worlds. I was at work, then I went to our firend's wake, then I met my gallery-mate to strategize for our show, then I went to see our friends' country band play.

When I was in college some of my favorite nights were spent on my own, moving from social circle to social circle. It made me feel free. I do well on my own.

Last night it was very helpful to be aware of the different situations in which I can be happy, the different frames of mind I can feel at home in. It was also a little lonely for some reason. Maybe I don't feel integral to any of them. 

Maybe everything is whimsical and nobody's integral to anything or everyone's integral to everything. Maybe none of it matters because it's all a passing fancy.

Of course I'll feel differently about everything ten minutes from now.

People have no sense of continuity. We just think we do.

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