Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'm thinking I do better when I'm thwarted.  When things start going my way I get all big headed.  I think "At last, The Universe is on my team!  Everything's going to go great now!"  Then I start pontificating and condescending and acting all giddy and more foolish than usual.  Later I get home and realize what a dolt I've been and I feel so embarrassed.  As you can tell, I've done this more than once.  I should be grateful for the indifference life usually dishes out.  I can't seem to control my unmerited self-confidence when things seem sunny.

Speaking of lack of control, I have become obsessed with lipstick.  I picked up this boxed set at Anthropologie the other day:
I've tried all three tubes.  They are the finest lipsticks I've ever worn.  The colors are beautiful and flattering and they feel luxurious on - very hydrating, not sticky or waxy - and they are without odor or flavor.  They were sheerer than they looked in the tube which works for me.  These are colors I can put on without having to look in the mirror and yet they still have impact.

Once I'd tried them all I immediately googled "Lipstick Queen."  It's Poppy King's new lipstick company.  Maybe you remember her perfect matte lipsticks from back in the 90's?  Maybe not.  I'm just the kind of person who remembers stuff like that.

Here's a link to the website.  I want to try the "Black Tie Optional" and something from the Sinner line.

As for the Kate Spade red lipstick I mentioned earlier, it turns out you can buy it on line.  It's under "fragrance" (and yet it too has no fragrance or flavor)

Finally, I bought a Santa hat for Fay.  Yes, I'm one of those people now.  Somehow I managed to pass up the banana split dog costume they were selling at Target this Halloween (the one that's all over youtube) but the Petco Santa hat got me (after all these years!)

Maybe I'll change the photos over there on the right to something more seasonal.  They've been up there since 2007.

It's funny, I just typed in the title of this post and it made me think if the times I've claimed to be on a rampage.  Usually that involves something like eating popcorn and Nutella or tidying the house or (God help me) staying in bed longer than usual.  These are not rampages.  Rampages involve violent uncontrollable behavior. When I think about it, the things I consider "out of control" for me are ridiculous.  I'm not sure I've ever really been out of control (on my own initiative) in my life.  I feel like I'm missing out.  But then I think of the people I know who really are out of control.  It's pretty much been fatal for them.  Is there such thing as being a little bit out of control for a little while?


Hope said...

I got our dog a Santa costume last year. So, yeah, I'm one of those people too.

Three Hundred Sixty Five said...

We bought our dogs santa hats one year, but we couldn't get them to cooperate long enough to take a photo of both together with them on....but it was hilarious to try! Dogs seem to be like kids ~ some wear hats, and some don't. Surprisingly (or not), neither one of my kids would wear hats either....odd....

Susan said...

You should try Lipstick Queens lip gloss. It comes in a test-tube shaped container (rounded on the bottom, not flat like most). The consistency is way better than any you have tried (I am guessing) and it stays on and doesn't disappear in 10 minutes. I just checked the packaging, it's called "Big Bang Illusion Gloss" and the color I have is Energy, which looks ridiculously red in the tube, but is a nice sheer red when you put it on. I highly recommend it! :-)

Melissa said...

I will try it! I'm a complete lipgloss junkie but I haven't tried hers. Where did you get yours? Barney's?

Susan said...

I got mine at Beauty Mark which is on Charles Street in Boston. I walked by it one day when I decided to walk from work to Back Bay station and I went inside and the owner was there and she was really nice and I ended up with the Energy lip gloss. I know they also sell Lipstick Queen products at Space NK at Bloomingdales. I think they are nicer there than at Barneys. Though, the woman who does alterations at Barney's is very nice, and not expensive and you can bring anything to her, it doesn't have to be from Barneys!