Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Hypnotized Me

Last night Pete and I ran into an older guy who he hadn't seen in a while.  Pete asked the guy how his summer was and the guy said "perfect."

I was so happy and astonished to hear that.  It made me I realize I'd convinced myself that my life had entered a downward spiral and everything was going to be, let's say unrewarding from now on.  I'd convinced myself of that without knowing it.  How stupid is that?

So maybe I'm not my usual, effervescent self and that feeling of joy is harder to come by and doesn't stick around as long.  Time will bring those things back to me.  Right?

Maybe next year I'll have a perfect summer.  Not that I like summer.  But anything's possible.


Valerie said...

Where's the Facebook "Like" button? :)

I like this post.

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