Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Heart Kimchi

For starters, let me just say that I was doing some serious weeding today and when I was done I thought an after-gardening martini would be a good idea.  At the moment I'm done with the martini and I could probably use some food.  So that's where my head is.

Speaking of food, I thought I'd relate my first experience with kimchi.  I <3 KIMCHI SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

It was back in 19 (yes, last century) 1989.  I was working at an animation company (why the HELL did I leave???  Oh yeah, they weren't paying me*) called Olive Jar.  Yes, it was super-fun.  It was also kinda freaky because I had just moved to Boston and I was unfamiliar with the Boston attitude.  Let's just say that some people could be moody and I thought it was me when it was really them.

At lunchtime this guy, A.J., the DP (Director of Photography, or cinematographer) had a jar of kimchi.  We ate family style at Olive Jar.  Isn't that cool?  I also had my first quinoa there.  Anyhoo, the smell of the kimchi really intrigued me.  A.J. was a friendly guy so he let me have some.

Holy crap!  All I wanted was more kimchi!!!!  It was really obvious and I think it amused him.  I probably could have eaten the whole jar but I held myself back.  It was difficult though.  I had kimchi in my soul.

Okay, now I'm going to track down some dinner for myself.  My martini thinks it would be a good idea if I had a hot dog with kimchi on it and some spicy mac 'n' cheese.

I made the mac 'n' cheese a few days ago.  It's KICK-ASS!!!!!  It reheats well too.  The recipe made something like five pounds of mac 'n' cheese.  For starters you make a pound of pasta and use two pounds of cheese.  Then there's the roux which requires five cups of milk/cream.  No wonder it's KICK-ASS!!!!!

Please be assured I will also make some nice, healthy vegetables too.  Probably steamed broccoli.

*And it's a good thing too - I was incompetent.

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