Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost November

Well, it's almost November and you know what that means: NaBloPoMo.  This year it also means NaNoWriMo.  I'm going writing bonkers!

I'm really excited about writing the novel.  My plan is to write whatever the hell comes out - any goddamned thing.  I'm looking for a wild, bumpy ride.  That will probably work for two days and on day three I'll have nothing going on and think "what the hell did I get myself into?" and there I'll be.

I've been reading Stephen King's On Writing and enjoying it very much.  Yesterday I was very pleased and relieved to discover that he feels it's unwise to begin with a plot in mind.  I don't think I've ever written anything with a plot.  I'm a short story girl as far as writing goes.  It's easy to get away without a plot with those.  I certainly don't have a plot in mind now.  Characters yes, plot no.

Of course he does suggest you start with a situation as well as characters.  Hopefully a situation will come to me.

I'm having all these elaborate fantasies of coming up with something really amazing.  This project will be the magic bullet that will expose my awesome insides to The World and all kinds of interesting people will find that they want me to be their new best friend.  Yeah!  I think that with every project I start.  I also think I'll win the lottery.


Jenn said...

The last paragraph of this post sounds like a great first paragraph for a novel.

Domestic Goddess said...

I just hit "next blog" on blogger to see what happened and here you are. We have a pug too. Never worn a pugstache though.
Your bunch of basil below is amazing.
I Steven King's book on writing. He is a really good writer.

Melissa said...

Domestic Goddess, I don't know if you will see this but I tried hitting "next blog" a couple of times and all I got was porn. :( I'm glad to hear that that feature isn't just a porn generator!