Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Week's Hilights

This is so fascinating!  Here's my lunch from the Fourth of July:

Here's the glitter tattoo I got from the gumball machine at the grocery store.  When it's really hot out a glitter tattoo makes me feel cooler.

It came right off when I put sunblock on it the next day.  : (

"Mommy, why is that old lady wearing a romper?"
"Shhh, honey, it's not nice to notice mentally ill people."

Girded for barbeque in my Buzz Off hoodie and headlamp.  I actually had a whole suit going.  Matching pants and everything.  I thought I resembled an emaciated bear.  No photo though.  Sorry.

Me me me!  I'm so wacky!  I'd like to blame the heat but that wouldn't be fair.


Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately how much I ADORE you???!
Well, I DO!

And its posts like these that make me love you even more!!!


Melissa said...

MMMMMMMWAH!!!!! <3!!!!!!

Jenn said...

You make a very tasty looking strawberry!