Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Failures

I made another attempt at tamago yesterday.  Clearly, the second time is not the charm.
Everybody in the youtube videos was using chopsticks to roll their eggs and it looked so easy.  The reason it looked easy is that they know what they're doing.

The crumbly, exploded one is the one I made using chopsticks.  I didn't pour enough batter in the pan right off so the egg ripped when I tried to roll it.  I thought it might recover if I put in plenty of batter in on the next go but it just kept right on ripping all the way through.

Lesson #1 - use enough batter.
Lesson #2 - you can't repair a ripped tamago.
Lesson #3 - use a spatula until you get the batter amount right.

I don't mind practicing making tamago.  I sure like having it around to eat!

I was out gardening yesterday.  While weeding, damaging the tomato plants and stomping on the lettuce it occurred to me that maybe I should start a gardening blog.  It would be called "Don't Do It This Way."  Yeah, a how-not -to-garden blog.

When I first started gardening I read this book: Mrs. Greenthumbs: How I Turned a Boring Yard into a Glorious Garden and How You Can, Too and found it very encouraging.  One thing I read that I'll never forget was that "plants want to live."  The gardener doesn't grow the plants, the plants grow because thats what they really want to do.  The gardener's job is to give each plant everything it needs to thrive.  You help a plant first by putting it somewhere where it will be happy.  Provide the proper nutrients and water and keep the competition at bay and the pant's (usually) all set.  

If you don't keep your plant happy it will still try to grow as best it can.  It might live, it might not make it.  Either way it will be pathetic to watch.  This is where I find myself.

I have good intentions.  I have my sun plants in the sun and my shade plants in the shade.  Have I done adequate soil testing?  No.  Do I keep up with the weeding?  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

My poor roses are about ten inches tall!  Most of them are flowering, one or two little brave blooms.  I can't find the rhubarb.  The basil is yellow and gone to seed two weeks after I put it in and something ate the cleomes.  And another thing: GRASS IN THE PERENNIAL BEDS.  And you know what else?  When the hell will the daffodil leaves cure?  They're acting like weeds by looking messy and blocking the light to the other plants.

Okay.  There, I've vented.  I'm done - for now.  On to the rest of the day.  Who knows what fresh triumphs this day will bring?

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Jenn said...

I hear you should never plant a cactus while wearing sweatpants.