Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Party Photos

Thanks Jamie for taking these photos of our Holiday party with your cellphone.  I did go to a little bit of trouble to match my wig to our Christmas tree so it's nice that I have at least something to show for it.  Next year maybe I'll light my wig too.  It would show up better in cellphone photos that way.  I'm not putting in ornaments though.  That would be too distracting while serving hors d' oeuvres.

The dude in the photo is our friend Steve.  We were having a very serious conversation about suppressed rage.

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michaela said...

What a GREAT tree! What a thoughtful hostess to match her hair to her decorations. I love that the photo is all dark and grainy... makes it look like one of those slightly seedy celebrity film clips. Did you have pink cocktails?

How could I have allowed 5' snow drifts to keep me away in Vermont!

Ah well... we will have to hope for a do-over in '09.