Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Color In My Head Today Is Red


I ought to be unpacking but I'm lollygagging instead.  

Pete, Fay and I caught a red-eye back from San Diego last night.  Pete's been very practical and productive, unpacking and making sure that the snow that fell in our absence is properly removed.  He really hit the ground running.  He even got himself a new pair of eyeglasses to replace his famous "Pano" frames which he lost on Thursday.  You can see them in the photo at right (on the main blog page)

Me, I'm zombiefied.   I could blame jet lag but really I'm just indulging in my usual inability to deal with logistics.  Today I'm just not trying.  This could cause me big problems later in the week.  I guess I'll just have to look forward to cursing myself in a few days.

I'm just so easily distracted by pretty things.  Because I like to be distracted.

It was my birthday on Thursday.  I got a lot of great presents for my birthday and for Christmas, including some gift cards which I'm thinking about how to SPEND.  Will I cool it and save them for later when I really need something or will I go off half-cocked in a giddy spending spree?  Time will tell.  Place your bets.

So today I can't get enough of the color red.  I think I'll put on some red lip gloss and go unpack my behemoth suitcase.

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