Monday, January 19, 2009

Negativity Is Counterproductive

Instead of worrying about what someone else might be doing concentrate on your own stuff.  That way what you want to do is more likely to get done.

Being informed is helpful.  Being misinformed is dangerous and unnecessary.  Especially when there are easy sources of good information: and wikipedia.  It has never been easier to see if something is worth worrying about or not.

What you look for in this world is what you find.  I suggest looking for something good.

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michaela said...

Hmmmmmm. Did I miss something? Someone must be a NEGATIVE little bugger.

And hey, on a POSITIVE note, I am so psyched that constipated looking guy isn't on top of the page anymore! I came back a couple of times and he made me wince. I don't get TV, so I am definitely not able to comment on his show or anything, but he looks like he needs fiber in his diet. Lots of it.

I agree that negativity is counter productive. I dislike the cynical side of myself and try to tune it out whenever possible. Life is so much more pleasant when you are riding your own wave and sharing coconuts with the other monkeys.