Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Things It Has Occurred To Me To Do Today

Call a closet organizing company
Call the post office and tell them that my new address is a residence and is not a business
Mail back some shoes that didn't fit
E-mail a vast number of friends to keep in touch and/or invite them to do things with me
Call and reserve a room for my Disney Princess Half Marathon
Give myself a pedicure
Clean my Crocs
Look for a job
Do some drawings
Organize a Dreaded Drawing
Think up a week's worth of healthy food to make
Get the ingredients
Make the food
Empty my e-mail in-box
Get a composter from the Town of Somerville
Remember to bring my checkbook with me
Find a pot in which to put either the cyclamen or the cactus that I planted together in hopes of keeping the mice from eating the cyclamen. I've taken them to a mouse-free zone so they can be less neglected and hopefully thrive. 
Organize my room
Make an eye doctor appointment and get new glasses
Make an appointment for a car tune-up
Sync my calendars and devices
Pin, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook, and otherwise feed my online persona (Blog)
Take in the trash can

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