Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Have More Going On Than Your Face

This is going to be a little controversial. Just a little. I'm posting this thought here rather than on Facebook because it's more nuanced than a status update really allows. Plus I'm scared the wrong people will see it and get insulted and that's less likely to happen here. I don't want to insult anyone.

The thought: it bugs me when people (usually but not always gals) post photos of themselves where they think they look really good. It's asking for approval for the wrong reasons. You're supposed to say "congratulations on being so damn good-looking!" Then what? That's all there is.

You know what I mean. Not the "Hey I got dressed up for a special occasion and wow, look how surprisingly well I clean up!"kind of thing. Not the "I just won the karate competition! Check out my fearsome biceps!" kind of thing. Not the "look at these wacky rock club bathrooms!" kind of thing. It's the "I am sultry(/cool/hot) - you know you want me, don't you wish you could just gaze at me all day long" thing.

Now I feel like a jerk because it probably just means they're feeling a little low and need some encouragement. I know I need A LOT of encouragement. I don't know though, your looks are just your looks. They're NOT the most interesting thing about you.

Some people are bragging. Some people might think it's the only thing they really have going for them. I'm not trying to be judgy. It just makes me feel uncomfortable to see that kind of thing.

Sure, I picked that photo to the right over there because I thought it was flattering. You do want to pick a nice photo to represent yourself online most of the time. Put your best face forward. That's natural. We all want to feel good about ourselves in as many areas as possible. I should probably just lighten up. But so much emphasis on appearance. I wish it wasn't like that.

Maybe it's no better to post more substantive examples of one's greatness, like how you dominated the karate competition or how you got an A on your term paper. IN YOUR FACE WITH MY AWESOMENESS! There is a place for pride in one's achievements though.

I don't want to stop anyone from getting the sense of approval they need. So if you're into flooding your Facebook feed with dreamy photos of yourself you go right on. I will probably refrain from commenting.

I hope I don't regret posting this.

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