Saturday, October 5, 2013

Garlic Festival Liveblog II

It's still live blogging if I haven't had the pickleback yet, right?

Here's Michaela getting her things together after a garlic purchase.

A photo of a stand where we both acquired garlic for planting.

Believe it or not this is the least terrifying photo of us being festive. We were a little disappointed that there were only three vendors selling garlic to plant.

A nice, autumnal shot of my spoils once I got them home: about two-dozen heads of garlic for me to plant, six or so heads for Marc (he doesn't know it yet) a bag of Chai Wallah chai spice, a bag of cider donuts and a ridiculous gallon jug of apple cider. I shouldn't have bought that much cider.

Yeah, and where am I going to plant about 200 cloves of garlic? Oh, that's a riot. Maybe I'll show you tomorrow.

I was delighted to find this rose waiting for me when I got back today. I'm glad to see that not all the rose bushes hate my guts. 

And lookee there - we still have some raspberries!

Picklebacks in Led Zeppelin shot glasses ready to roll!

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