Monday, May 30, 2011


Mom and I have been to the clam bar twice since I last posted. Neither time did I remember to bring a camera with me (not even my phone) so no clam photos. My apologies for failing you as a blogger in this area.

We continue to clear out the beach house for rental in August. I had planned to come out here by myself this week and take care of it but Mom offered to come along.  Thank God she did because it would have really sucked to have to do this alone. I must say that we've done a very good job. We celebrated our triumphs with rum and tonics on the deck tonight (before getting lobster rolls for dinner at the clam bar) I didn't think rum and tonic sounded very appetizing but it turns out to be quite delicious.

Fay is also having a good time. She enjoys running around the yard chasing cars and barking at them. I should probably get some video of this. She likes to be outside here more than she does in Vermont because the lawn here is far more sumptuous and there are far fewer black flies. In fact, there are no black flies. They do have very sneaky mosquitos here though.

Today it was very foggy when I awoke. After breakfast I walked down to the beach and it began to rain. You might think "well that sounds gloomy and unpleasant." It turns out that that was just the atmosphere I've been missing.  I love the ocean but I've been feeling unable to connect with it the last several times I've had the good fortune to see it. I may have just needed to be alone with it.

The beach was pretty deserted today, I'll tell you. It felt so good to put my feet in the water and watch the waves crash and foam and see the light change and the clouds race by and to be pelted gently with rain. Since no one was talking to me or otherwise requiring my attention I could take the time to sound out my feelings, to actually feel them. So luxurious. Of course, then the rain picked up. It was cool though, I had an umbrella.

Later in the day the sun came out and Mom and I kicked butt on the list of chores we'd drawn up. All in all I'd say it was a very satisfying day.

Okay, so the plan for tomorrow: get video of Fay chasing cars. I think I can do that.


Hope said...

Rain on the beach sounds just loverly!

Unknown said...

It was - I miss it!