Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something I Made


I made this scarf for my friend Lisa.
The pattern is from last winter's Vogue Knitting. It's made with Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky - a quality yarn with nice yardage for the buck. The pattern was fun and fast and easy to knit. I did detect an error in the chart, though, which was easily fixed.

They used a different chunky yarn held double in the magazine. I tried doubling this yarn but the swatch came out too stiff and weighed nearly a million pounds. No one wants to wear a scarf that threatens to choke them.


Jenn said...

Beautiful! I love the leafy cable pattern.

Kamilla&Donny said...

It is beautiful! I also like to make things, but mostly just dream about making them. A lot of ideas and no time! How do u do that??