Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kale Salad And A Secret

I made some pretty decent kale salad for a potluck the other night.

I cooked two bunches of prepped* kale in 4T olive oil and a half-cup of water with three lightly crushed garlic cloves and salt and pepper in a covered sauté pan for probably less than ten minutes.

The kale was drained then put in a salad bowl. I added a bit more olive oil, one of the garlic cloves, minced, some grapefruit, feta cheese, toasted pecans and some passionfruit vinegar (a gift from a friend). Salad-wise that's a fail-safe recipe. I had never made kale before though. I will make it again.

Also, the secret ingredient in spicy asian soup is chili paste. Or else it's ginger or kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass. One of those. Or dried mushrooms.

*You know - ribs and stems removed, lightly chopped and washed but not dried.

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