Friday, December 11, 2009

My Aunt's Apartment

I am eating an honest-to-god New York bagel right now. There's nothing like it.

I could live in New York if I could live in my aunt's apartment. She's got a great view and even a little terrace. I could just sit and look out the window all day.

The only catch about my aunt's apartment is that, boy, is she a tidy person. Everything in here looks brand new. It looks as if someone cleans the inside of her refrigerator every day. It is sparkly. I was afraid to drop a sesame seed into the toaster oven. It's really nice and beautiful to stay here but my mom and I are terrified to make a mess!

We're getting over it though. I wonder how she does it and would it be possible to do at my house? Somehow I think I'm not willing to invest the time it would take because I probably wouldn't be able to do anything else besides clean.


Hope said...

Your aunt's apartment sounds a little bit like my sister's apartment. Hers isn't quite that tidy (two kids and all) but it has a decent view and the light quality is just amazing.

Jenn said...

New York Bagels!!! I've never had one. Sad.

I was once bemoaning the fact that I really needed to clean my house but instead I was doing something else, and my friend said "No one lies on their deathbed wishing they'd cleaned more." Although, come to think of it, I can come up with at least one person I know who *would* think that, but generally, I'd say it holds true.

michaela said...

It sounds fun to be in NYC, and the apartment's geography and architecture sound perfect. But, given that I am currently doing battle with a clean-freak, I can tell you this:

Overly tidy people have CONTROL issues! And, they usually aren't very fun to hang around with, (generalization). Extremes at both ends of the spectrum really freak me out.

In praise of wayward seeds !

Valerie said...

The key to having an immaculate house is to never be home. In NYC, that wouldn't be difficult, because there's always something to do. My boyfriend just sent me an article about a couple that bought a co-op apartment... it's 175 square feet. They paid $150k for it. And in two years, they'll have it paid off, so they'll only have to pay the $700 monthly maintenance fee.

My MORTGAGE payment, including taxes in insurance is less than $700!!! NYC real estate is insane.

Also, I'm too much a homebody to never be home. Sometimes, it's absolutely necessary to just sit and look at the view out the window. While you're getting sesame seeds all over the place, of course!