Friday, September 4, 2009

I Gardened Today

It's like a miracle! My schedule and the weather both smiled on me today.

And look what I found - a September asparagus!
I didn't know there was such a thing. I'm not going to eat it out of respect for its survival abilities.

I weeded out the herb/rose garden.
I used this photo because I'm proud of the giant pile of weeds I amassed on the tarp.
Here you can see the ground I covered (or uncovered) better:
The roses look terrible for the most part. This summer was too wet for them and because I didn't have time to clear around them the air circulation was poor. I hope they recover next year. Similar story for the lavender.

I also found fragments of the discarded skin of a huge snake. I never saw the snake itself though, much to my disappointment. I wanted to see if it would creep me out with its size. Small snakes don't creep me out.

I was creeped out by a rather aggressive worm, come to think of it. It burrowed furiously towards my gloved hand rather than running away. Yeeee. I was glad I was wearing gloves.

Tomorrow I mulch. Very exciting.

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The Gardener's Eden said...

This post fills me with great glee.
-Dirt Girl