Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Making - At Last

Here is a current project I'm working on: I'm knitting two cabled socks on one circular needle. They're going to be knee socks. I've kind of been dragging my feet on this project, I'm not sure why.

One good thing about knitting socks this way is that I know these socks will be exactly the same in all measurements. Working toe-up means I'll be able to tell in time if I'm running out of yarn.

The only bad thing about working this way is that it feels like it takes unusually long to finish a round for sock knitting. I have to remind myself that it's really a double round, maybe more like a sweater than a sock.


Hope said...

Those socks kick all kinds of ass!

The Gardener's Eden said...

So so so so so so so cute. I am so happy you are back to making !

Dirt Girl
(I am catching up on your blog all at once while drinking a glass of wine and eating pepper jack cheese)