Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Fay and I are under the weather.

She started feeling lousy yesterday which was fortunate (I guess) because she had a vet appointment scheduled for last night.  It was determined that she has a skin infection and possibly a urinary tract infection.  She's on antibiotics now and I'm hoping they'll make her feel better.  So far (two doses in) they haven't.  All she wants to do is lie down and rest.  The vet doesn't know for sure what's making Fay feel bad so the antibiotics might not help.

I'm on antibiotics too.  I've got ciprofloxacin.  I don't know if that's making me out of it or if I'm just out of it. We all have those days, you know?

I'm supposed to go to Las Vegas this weekend for a bachelorette party.  That sounds pretty wild, doesn't it?  Yeah baby!  I'll be swingin' from some neon sign with my fifth cosmo in one hand, wearing nothing but a red patent leather thong and seven-inch stiletto gladiator sandals!  Woo!

Does that count as an hallucination?  Should I call the doctor about changing my medication?

Actually, it's not that kind of crowd at all.  I hope I can go but I won't if Fay's not feeling better.

I have to say that I couldn't be more grateful for antibiotics.  If it weren't for them I probably wouldn't be here.

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