Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Too Am A Clam

I'm beginning to realize that I'm not using this blog to my best advantage. There's a lot of coming out I could do here but it doesn't occur to me. I'm not really in the habit of letting what's going on in my head out into the world.

No wonder I was so upset about that 400 year old clam - it was a relative!

Instead of sending poor Liz an e-mail book about my wild dreams for a video game I could let them out here.

Not now though. It's lunch time. I'm going to get some Vietnamese food! Mmmm!

P.S.: So far so good with the making fear my new best friend thing.

Notice I'm still being a clam.


lizkdc said...

I really enjoyed being the recipient of your detailed, thoughtful ideas about gaming, story-telling and aesthetics.

But I know what you mean. When I look back over my own blog, I realize I am often pretty wimpy. I do a lot of posts about hikes, say, or places I've visits, but somehow not about big ideas I'm having, unreached goals, enthusiasms that I'm not sure how to act on.

I'm afraid of looking foolish or letting myself down if I write about my struggles to you know, do meaningful stuff with my life.

I hereby pledge to try to be lest tangential and safe. More taking the risk of exposing the fruits of my brain, soft as they may be.

Melissa said...

I can't imagine your brain producing any soft fruits. Also, you do express big ideas in your simpler posts. If you make the effort to post it it's not wimpy.

Sometimes it just takes way too long to blog the serious, important stuff in a serious, important way (plus - yawn! Well, if I did it)

Okay, yeah, sometimes I hold back because I don't want people to think I'm totally unhinged, way too out there, boring, or overly excited about some idea that's new to me but really obvious to other people.

But sometimes I just don't have time to reason it all out and explain it. I imagine you don't either. These posts can take hours!

I'll join you in your pledge. Exposure is good. It's honest and it will allow others to appreciate our true awesomeness.