Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sorry! Sorry!

Blog? What blog? I don't have a blog! Oh wait a second... Well would you look at that! Huh! What do you know?

I might just skip everything that happened in the last seven months because at the moment I can't remember much of it. I went to the beach a few times, I went on tour with the Weisstronauts a few times (that was really fun) got a temp job at the List Visual Arts Center at MIT (great place to work and lovely people) Those are the highlights.

That's good for now. In trying to jog my memory I spotted the breakfast I had on February 21 and it looks pretty tasty - which reminds me I'm in the middle of making my dinner. I'm kind of a bubble-headed idiot today. So, uh, I think I'll go cook myself some protein and hope my brain kicks in soon.


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