Sunday, May 4, 2014

SOWA Art Walk, Spring 2014

Blogging today from our empty gallery at the SOWA Art Walk and opening day of the SOWA Sunday Art Market. If you're ever in Boston on a Sunday in the spring through autumn I recommend it as a fun activity. The open air market in the parking lot has fun vendors and good food trucks. The galleries are right there (easy access) and there are lots of interesting artists showing. Go with a curious mind, open to what you find, and you'll have a great time. It's dead in our gallery so far though.

Pete's wall:

My wall:

Note the lack of bodies blocking the view.

I admit I didn't shoot for the stars on this show. I was plumb out of rocket fuel. My aim was a bit lower. 

Twenty-four very small drawings of hearts. Yeah, schmaltzy old unoriginal hearts. Trite. Seen 'em a million times. Never want to see another one. I like this one with bats:

How about this guy? What in the world is he up to?

I guess to me it's like a comic strip without a linear narrative. Kind of like instrumental music. 

Notice that they're not perfect? The "frames" are stupid and there are odd  marks where there shouldn't be? Well I ain't a machine and that's the way I like it!

This piece is austere yet still girly. Weird girly. I am what I am, I make what I make. I didn't have the energy for bright and glittery this time.

It seems impossible that I could sit here for six hours and not one person will come in. Maybe I should stop blogging and look more welcoming.

Two awesome guys just came in. One said he'd recently curated a show about love and if he'd met me before he would have included me. How nice! Well that's encouraging. 

Okay, off to be more welcoming...

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Hope said...

I looooove the one with the ants!