Sunday, January 6, 2013

Where'd They Go?

Something interesting has already happened to me this year: Pete and I went to a party where I spoke most of the night with a number of people I'd never met before and never stressed or felt freaky about it. It never even occurred to me to notice anything unusual had happened until I was in the car on the way home.

Progress is possible!

The party was on my birthday but it was unrelated to me other than I was invited. I didn't feel birthday-y this year. I think I just wanted my life back from the holidays. Instead of doing something specifically for my birthday we went to this party.

Maybe it was an unnoticed birthday vibe or plain resignation but my social anxieties deserted me. Good riddance. Hope they're gone for good! See ya later - much!

The next day we did do something special for my birthday and my friend, Janna's, birthday which was a day later. It was over-the-top. You can read about it here. Seriously over the top. Wow.


Hope said...


Reading about your birthday now... that sounds seriously tasty! I am drooling all over my keyboard.

The owner of L'Espalier went to Kristian's summer camp. A couple of years ago, he came up to their work weekend and cooked dinner for all of us. It was pretty neat to spend all day raking and then get to eat one of the fanciest meals I've ever eaten. Although I did take a shower first. :p

We were all sitting at these tiny little benches made for 12-year-old boys, so that definitely added to the sense of the surreal.

Oh, and he brought a sous chef who finished cooking dinner, then started drinking heavily and hitting on my friend. Literally. He kept hip checking her. Because he thought he was being cute. He was not. :p

melissa weiss said...

Wonder if it was anyone in the kitchen on our night? They all looked damned professional in the kitchen!