Monday, August 31, 2009


My mother-in-law (a very fun woman) gave me the Acacia catalog last time we were visiting my in-laws in Florida. It's mostly yoga clothes, Aisianesque home decor items and alternative-y work out dvds (I'm not at all sure how my mother-in-law got on their mailing list)

That is where I discovered hooping. Hooping, it turns out, is kind of a thing. Did you know? I didn't. Hoopnotica is featured in the Acacia catalog. In my area there's Boston Hoop Troop. Maybe I'll take some classes with them. Good hoopers are hypnotic.

It looked fun so I ordered the instructional dvds and a travel hoop. Turns out it is fun. I love it! Every morning I wake up psyched that I can hoop today (unless it's raining) I'm not good at it yet but I'm feeling determined.

Below you can see Pete's hooping debut. I already posted mine on Facebook.

He's got kind of a horsey-riding style.


nealos said...

The people spoke, and you delivered. This has inspired me to investigate hooping (outside of Wii Fit that is). Pete has proven that hooping is no longer just for women.

Pete said...

There's definitely some Martin Short in my technique. And NO sneezes! How 'bout that??

Melissa said...

Hooping, nature's antihistamine.