Monday, July 6, 2009


Pete and I are in the middle of our last push for emptying the house in Brookline.  As I go through the last of our belongings I can't seem to stop the stream of obscenities that is coursing through my brain.

We have SO MUCH STUFF that we don't need that I can't figure out how to part with.  

Sensible Me: "Goodwill."
Ridiculous Me: "But the tiger on that mug is SO CUTE and if I give away the set without that mug then nobody will want it."
SM:  "Give them all away."
RM:  "Bbbbut..."
SM:  "Loser."
RM:  "Screw you!"
SM + RM:  "!@#$%&*!@#$%&*@^#!@%&*#@~!" etc.

See - I'm really getting somewhere.  

Anyone need a gravy boat and matching butter dish?

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Hopers said...

I am such a horrible pack rat. Wanna come to my house and force me to throw out a bunch of junk in return for me doing the same for you? :p